Welcome to Elite Distributors Insurance Company


Hello all,
As the President of Elite Distributors Insurance Company (EDIC), I would like to welcome you to our website.
EDIC continues to grow across many distributor types, e.g., electrical, building materials, HVAC, industrial, paper, plumbing, and beer, wine and spirits.
As of April 1st, 2022, EDIC’s annualized premium was approximately $53.7 million with 143 active member companies located throughout the United States.
We currently have members across eight different marketing groups and continue to explore new group opportunities. EDIC’s goals align well with the entrepreneurial spirit of independent distributors and marketing groups that want to increase their buying power, bring control to their insurance programs, and reduce operating costs.
Since EDIC’s beginning in 1991, we have distributed over $80.7 million in dividends to our members.
We also continue to expand our regional broker network to attract distributors that may not be affiliated with a marketing group.
We continue to see good growth while providing our members with continual improvements in risk control programs and services so our members can enjoy the many benefits of being in a captive.
Frank Cinatl, EDIC President
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